Blog: A Civil Debate

Circle February 8, 2017 as the day when the health care debate really started in America.

Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Ted Cruz of Texas appeared on CNN for 90 minutes to discuss where we go from here now that a Republican-controlled Congress and the President have pledged to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and now find themselves actually having to do it while keeping the President’s promise of assuring quality health care for all at a price they can afford.
Both Senators came out swinging, with Sanders agreeing the current system does not work, making the case for Medicare for All and for dramatic reform of drug policies, which force Americans to pay far more for medications than is paid in other countries.

Senator Cruz, who won the national collegiate debating championship as a student at Princeton, kept hammering on “ObamaCare” as government run healthcare which inserts itself between patients and their physicians. He favors the maximum open markets solution while he equated a single payer system as “rationing.”

Both sides landed punches and on occasion even agreed. This is how civil discourse is done. You will hear more of this every week on Healthcare Politics with Steve Larchuk.   — Steve Larchuk


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