Great Run – But We Have Suspended the Program

After doing 26 hour-long shows we have run out of funding and have had to suspend the program. Many thanks to all of the guests, the listeners, TUEMedia, the Union Edge, Dr. Anne McGeary, and especially to the stations across the Country who supported our efforts. At the end we were being heard by an estimated 25,000 listeners per week from coast to coast. The end all came somewhat suddenly so apologies to anyone caught a little short. When we started in February 2017 we did not know what would happen with health care and it has been a tumultuous 7 months. As I type this the PPACA is still the law of the land, Planned Parenthood survives, Sanders has rolled out his version of Medicare for All with 16 cosponsors. That is all better than we could reasonably have hoped for in February. We will keep the site up for now – you never know when an angel may drop some bucks on us.