Blog: RyanCare, Killing Us Slowly

With the radioactive fallout from the President’s latest Twit-Fit swirling, Speaker Ryan finally released the text of the House leadership’s version of repeal and replace of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  

Bottom line, the rich get richer and the poor get sicker.

But we are declared by the Speaker to be “free” from the burden of a health care program that more than half of the Country is happy with. All those Governors who came to Washington and pleaded for continuation of the Medicaid expansion are essentially told to drop dead with enrollment frozen in three years and then enrolled beneficiaries dropping off (dying off) over time.  

The taxes, most of which fell on the top 4% of income earners, are repealed.  Many key protections of the Patient Protection part of the existing law fall away with insurers again permitted to toss people off their insurance as soon as they become ill. Missing is the financial analysis, which is promised to be forthcoming.  

But the cost in suffering, premature deaths and financial ruin for the ordinary American all but assures the end of the far right Republican experiment. Steve Larchuk


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