Blog: Trump, “Nobody Knew Health Care Could Be So Complicated”

At this point, nothing this President says surprises us. We are numb to it. We are resigned to four years of this purgatory.

“Nobody knew.” Actually, everybody knew, and knows, who has ever had to actually deal day to day with the costs and availability of health care.

But wait, there’s more– worse, if that is possible.

Based upon the attendees at the President’s health care meeting with insurance executives this morning (02.27.17), Kellyanne Conway appears to be the designated senior adviser to the President tasked to manage health care reform. She was the only woman at the table, by the way. Women really do not care about health care – right?

All of which adds up to this – those of us who already knew health care is complicated should not expect the President or Ms. Conway to lift a finger to help everyday Americans with their health care. It is, as it has always been, a matter for citizens of conscience with a true sense of community to work this out: tie it up with a bow and then let the leaders take credit. Roll up your sleeves. Steve Larchuk


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