Ep1: 100 Reasons Medicare 4 All Works 4 All Americans

Healthcare Politics With Steve Larchuk hit the ground running with a hectic effort to read all 100 of Steve’s “#100Reasons Medicare for All is Right for All Americans.” The final 20 were as fast as a disclaimer on a TV drug commercial, but we did it! Read all #100Reasons here.

We welcome your suggestions as we start another 100 list: share your #100reasons list ideas via email to comments@healthcare-politics.com, tweet us at @SteveLPodcast, or comment on the Healthcare Politics Facebook page.

Our next Healthcare Politics podcast is February 20th, when our first guest ever will be Jason Kander from the great State of Missouri. Jason is a young up-and-comer in the Democratic Party, who narrowly lost his 2016 US Senate race and is famous for assembling a military style rifle blindfolded while simultaneously explaining why he favors closing gun show loopholes. After we get up to speed on his newest project (spoiler alert: voting rights) we will take a deep dive into healthcare policy and where Jason sees things moving in 2017.  Download the podcast Tuesday night!


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