Blog: Salute to Women, Lead Us in Health Care

Actions speak louder than words.

The actions of the President and Speaker Ryan scream “We are clueless” about health care and the roles of women, specifically as the chief health care officers of their families and frontline care providers and innovators.  We are counting on the too-few women in Congress to save us all from the cynical efforts of those, nearly all male, members and their “let them eat cake” attitude.

Thank you to Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, for standing up for Planned Parenthood and fully-funded Medicaid expansion.

Thank you to Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine, for advancing rational compromise through her own bill which would keep most of what we have in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

More broadly, thank you to the women across the nation who are defiantly resisting a President and Congress devoted to reducing taxes for the most wealthy to the exclusion of everything else.  You are our leaders now.  — Steve Larchuk


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